Stefanie + JJ // Castiglion Fiorentino, Italy

We're truly having a hard time putting to words the amazing adventure of capturing Stefanie + JJ's intimate wedding in the Tuscany region of Italy.  We arrived to this small town, by train, a few days before the wedding began! The next few days were spent on a vineyard and exploring the town where the wedding took place (Castiglion Fiorentino). We experienced some of the best tasting food of our lives with Stefanie, JJ, and the small group of family that make the journey over. Also note - mass volumes of gelato was consumed.

It was refreshing for Grant and I to be apart of capturing a wedding day at a much slower pace than normal. The morning of the wedding began with a tour of the organic vineyard (the home on the property was built in the 1800's). After the tour, a gradual anticipation increased as Stefanie + JJ started getting ready and preparing for the moment when they would see each other for the first time. Following their first look, the four of us ventured into town for an extended portrait session (and were stared at + cheered for by Castiglion locals), then drove throughout the countryside to hit up a few other pre-scouted locations. Grant got pooped on by a bird. We were almost hit by a bus. It was an adventure to remember.

The day was sweet, relaxed, and filled with joy. After the ceremony ended we took Stefanie + JJ out again and we captured some very lovely moments in the vineyard as the sun set over the Tuscan hills. Afterwards, we were rewarded with a jaw dropping assortment of appetizers + a  several course dinner in the private candlelit cellar. We shared a long wooden table together, food, conversation, some tears, and laughter. 

We are so grateful to Stefanie + JJ for getting to Italy to capture their intimate wedding! Also, photos from our personal trip will be up on the blog soon as well!