**in order: Laine, Bennett, Maya, and Grant

**in order: Laine, Bennett, Maya, and Grant

Hi there!

As you know, 100% of the couples we capture come from a word of mouth recommendation. For those of you that have sent your engaged friends our way, THANK YOU. So so so grateful. You will never know how encouraged we are to have you speaking our praises. 

We don't do any marketing, bridal shows, or ads. This is because we want the clients we work with to derive from a personal recommendation from someone they trust. 

Naturally, some of the couples we get to capture stumble upon our work organically through Instagram or the interweb. With this, we feel like having some honest/real feedback from past clients we've loved working with displayed our site would be helpful. I feel a bit weird asking for you to do this, mainly because it feels egotistical and self-seeking. If you wouldn't mind taking 5-10 minutes and writing some kind words about working with us, your experience, or the quality of our work we would be so grateful!!!


The Daniels

Here's a few ideas to get you started: 

What did you enjoy most about working with Grant?

How did we help to alleviate stress on your wedding day?

What are some words that come to your mind when you think about Grant's work?

What sets us apart from other photographers you may have worked with in the past (being in other weddings, etc)?

Why is it important to hire a photographer you trust and knows what they are doing?

The relational aspect of photography (we're actually friends not just vendors)

I give consent for Grant Daniels Photography to post my words online! :) *