We’ve all been there. The dark hole of creative despair. You can’t seem to get going creatively and everything just feels like autopilot. Vanilla, no fancy sprinkles. What’s in your head and what you are creating isn’t lining up quite like you planned. You are six feet under in a creative coffin and can’t possibly imagine (although you know you need it) taking a breath of that fresh photography air. Alas, there is a solution to this age old problem (well, not that old actually); mentor sessions **cue fancy sales pitch here.

Mentor sessions are days full day of creative refreshment. Think of a dog sticking its head out of a car window for the first time refreshing. We are going to click the reset button and then click it again. We are going to dig deep and figure out those roots. What makes you tick. Why do you really do what you do.

Ok, enough with the fancy talk. I host mentor sessions here at my studio The Darkroom (video chat optional). I’ll let you inside my head, and we’ll take a journey inside yours. We’ll grow together, and I believe you’ll walk away reinvigorated and inspired.

Mentor Sessions structured in 4 -or- 8 hour blocks. I’m happy to rake the wheel, or we can focus on areas you are already aware of.

Topics we can cover may include:

album design - blogging, branding, client interaction - posing - working with direct light - marketing + instagram - pricing - workflow - lightroom - data management - reception lighting - prisms - camera tricks - making your clients feel confident + comfortable - wedding day planning - finances - double exposures - shooting portraits after dark - staying creative when shooting feels boring.

So, stop putting growth off. Take that first step. Reach out using the form below to start the conversation.