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Directions: enter through the east alley... blue building with black garage door. We will probably have balloons or an agave out front to help you find the alley.

Parking: plenty along the street, find a spot and bring those parallel parking skills.

Dress: casual party clothes 

*Children and infants are welcome

Please RSVP at your earliest convenience. *Failure to RSVP so will result in you being blocked from the delicious snacks and dessert things. We will personally send people over to eat the delicious snacks right in front of you, and you'll wish you had RSVP'd.

Be thinking about which gender you think Baby Daniels will be. Be ready to take a side and cast your vote as we partake in the quirky American tradition that is the gender reveal party. You have a 50%/50% chance. Winners will be rewarded accordingly.