We truly enjoy photographing all people, however, we've come to realize over the years that a good fit (stylistically + relationally) is the key to getting the most out of your photographer.

As a husband/wife team, we have the unique opportunity to connect with the couples we shoot on a much deeper level than just a monetary or transactional relationship. We thrive off of creative trust, purposeful conversation, and deep friendship. Most couples tell us (or at least think) they aren't photogenic, nor good at posing. It's ok, we're not looking for posers. We want the real you and the raw emotions, but we aren't afraid to give a little direction when it's needed.

We're pretty laid-back and enjoy partnering with carefree couples who are crazy about each other. You are the right fit for us if the person you are marrying is more important than the temporary details of your wedding day. Details are awesome and should be captured, but in the end the covenant you make is center-stage.