About a year into shooting weddings I approached a photographer I really respected and hired him for a one-on-one mentor session. Our time together was one of the most formative moments in my career thus far. I was able to get perspective on his business + creative process social media and normal interaction couldn't yield. I left refreshed, inspired, and ready for the next challenge. 

We've recently received quite a few emails + messages about how we run the day-to-day business + shoot weddings with creative freedom. 

Our time together will be hands-on with full transparency.

Topics may include (but not limited to!):

album design - blogging, branding, client interaction - posing - working with direct light - marketing + instagram - pricing - workflow - lightroom - data management - reception lighting - prisms - camera tricks - making your clients feel confident + comfortable - wedding day planning - finances - double exposures - shooting portraits after dark - staying creative when shooting feels boring

A delicious lunch + snacks/craft coffee are included. 


6 Hour Mentor Session - $800

In-person mentor session with Grant in Fort Worth, TX. Live couples session optional.