About a year into shooting weddings I approached a photographer I really respected and hired him for a one-on-one mentor session. Our time together was one of the most formative moments in my career thus far. I was able to get perspective on his business + creative process social media and normal interaction couldn't yield. I left refreshed, inspired, and ready for the next challenge. 

We've recently received quite a few emails + messages about how we run our business / actually capture moments. 

Which brings us to the present day...

We officially offer mentor sessions! We've done a few in the past year and they've been a fantastic experience for all parties. I believe leaders are learners, and while I don't claim to have everything figured out, my desire is give you a creative boost and effective vision for how you run your business. 

Our time together is hands-on + laid back. No question is off limits. We'll send you a fancy spreadsheet to fill out and discuss specific topics and/or questions you have. Fill out the form below for some more information! Topics may include/but may not be limited to:

*editing + consistency

*social media

*posing + directing

*style + brand



*camera tricks

*business fundamentals

1 HOUR session

Video chat with Grant to discuss any topic of your choice. These are great for portfolio reviews + 2-3 topics.  


4/6 Hour in-person session

In-person mentor session with Grant at our Fort Worth, TX studio. Live couples session optional.